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As a trusted roofing contractor in Huntsville, Alabama, our expertise includes siding installation and repair. Our expert siding technicians are experienced and highly-skilled when it comes to multiple siding issues. It’s essential to ensure that your siding is always in top shape.

Just like your roof, your siding is also vulnerable to severe weather and sustains severe damage and it would need immediate repair. On the other hand, if your siding has reached the end of its useful life, then you’ll need to have it replaced.

It’s very important to check your siding for visible and hidden damages to prevent bigger problems in the future. You’ll need to inspect them periodically for signs of damages so that the necessary repairs will be done immediately.

Even the most durable siding material will deteriorate over time and proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of your siding. Don’t disregard or neglect signs of siding damage. A damaged siding also affects the curb appeal of your home or business.

A torn siding can also hurt the people around your property that’s why it’s important to have a new siding installed or you can have them repaired. A damaged siding also affects the energy-efficiency of your home or business.

Your heating or cooling system will work twice as hard to cool or heat your property. When this happens, you’ll soon see a spike in your energy bills. The insulation of your home will be affected as well and you’ll end up spending more money on your energy bills.

If you’re planning on selling your property, a damaged siding will also affect the resale value of your property. Have a trusted roofing contractor inspect your siding to make sure it is in excellent condition.

Professional Siding Installation

As a trusted roofing contractor, we offer superior siding materials and services. We’ll guide you and help you in choosing the best siding material for your residential or commercial property. There are a lot of siding options to choose from that include unique colors, styles, patterns, and designs.

Different siding materials include vinyl, wood, steel, aluminum, and fiber cement, or Hardie board siding. When you work with us, we’ll provide you with exceptional siding workmanship. We’ll help you make an informed decision in choosing the best siding material for your property.

Types Of Siding Materials

Vinyl siding is a durable material and is one of the top choices for residential and commercial building owners. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, but they can also withstand severe weather.

They don’t require a lot of maintenance and they’re resistant to insects, peeling, chipping, and rotting. Vinyl is a reliable and affordable siding material that is perfect for your home or business.

Wood siding is an affordable siding material. Technological advancement introduced a tougher and more durable wood siding material over traditional wood which is engineered wood. They can be installed easily and since wood is readily available, repairs are quick and affordable.

On the other hand, wood is environmentally-friendly and fully recyclable. Wood also comes in different shapes and forms. You can customize wood siding according to your desired specifications.

Fiber cement board or Hardie board is an excellent siding material suitable for your home or business. The lifespan of fiber cement boards can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance. They’re extremely durable and they’re resistant to fire, warping, and rotting.

One of the best features of fiber cement boards is they can mimic the traditional style of wood and improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your residential or commercial property. Fiber cement boards help eliminate the need for sealing and repainting.

Huntsville, Alabama is prone to severe weather and fiber cement boards can withstand severe weather especially strong winds from storms and tornadoes. The durability of fiber cement boards makes them an excellent choice for siding material.

Aluminum siding is lightweight and durable. It can reach a lifespan of 40 years with proper maintenance. It’s also resistant to fire and rust. When aluminum is installed properly, they provide excellent water resistance. Aluminum is also resistant to rotting since it does not have any organic properties.

Also, aluminum is energy-efficient and provides excellent insulation properties. It’ll keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer months. It can also mimic the looks of traditional siding materials and help enhance the curb appeal of your property.

Steel siding is also tough and durable just like aluminum. They’re resistant to falling debris and inclement weather. Steel doesn’t absorb water and doesn’t retain moisture. You don’t have to worry about molds or algae growing on your siding.

Additionally, steel is resistant to insects. They’re environmentally-friendly and fully recyclable. Steel siding can also last for 40 years when maintained properly. Steel is one of the best siding materials for your property.

Siding Maintenance And Repair

It’s essential to check your siding for damages and depending on the siding material that you have, you may notice discoloration, peeling, stains, dents, or fungus growth. On the first sign of

Siding damage, have a trusted roofing contractor inspect your siding to prevent the damage from spreading into other structural elements of your property.

As a trusted roofing contractor in Huntsville, Alabama, we’ll evaluate your siding and provide you with the best siding solution for your residential or commercial property. We provide high-quality siding workmanship at affordable prices. Call us now for a free estimate!

Roof Estimate

A roof estimate is essential so you’ll have a clear perspective on how your roofing project will look like. You must be aware of what’s written in your roof.

Free Estimate

No matter what type of roofing project you’re considering, we’ve got you covered! Call us today for a free estimate!

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